Our Journey

About Us

You may wonder why a church called Calvary Chapel has a tree for a logo; or why our website isn’t ‘calvarychapelofdanville.com’.

Our church verse is Psalm 1:3. It talks about a person who delights in God’s Word, studies it and lives it out. That person is like a tree firmly planted by streams of living water. That’s a picture of the life we want to live and the logo mark we use reflects the picture Scripture paints.

It’s also why we use expository teaching: which means we study one book of the Bible at a time on Sunday morning, going through verse by verse to keep every verse in proper context.

Our logo also has our mantra surrounding it: “Everyone serving. Everyone fed.” We believe a healthy church is people with passions - not people in programs. We are intentional about building and maintaining a culture of service in our church body. God rarely calls the qualified; He qualifies those who are called. 

God has placed a hunger in our lives for more of Him and we desire to advance the Kingdom of God wherever we are in whatever we are doing. 

We believe we have a timely and practical message for both the lost and the found: a call of hope and salvation for the lost. A call to return to their first love for the saved. A message of preparation, maturity and walking in the Spirit for the Church.

Calvary is an inter-denominational, Bible-based fellowship. We base our existence on the authority of God’s Word (the Bible) and on our personal relationship with Jesus Christ through His gift of salvation.

Special Notice

We are in the process of updating our Sunday Messages platform! Currently, only messages in our 1 Corinthians are available. New messages will be added as soon as possible.

Service Times

9:00 am | Worship Service

9:00 am | Sunday School for all ages

10:30 am | Worship Service