How We Reach Out

How We Reach Out

There are two specific commands Jesus gave His followers: Love others (Matthew 22:35-40) and go out into the world, making disciples (Matthew 28:16-20). Reaching out into the world around us, whether that be our neighborhood or a far away country, is a vital part of our lives as Christians.

Jesus set an example of showing practical love and meeting needs to those He came in contact with and we want to do the same thing. We make an effort to reach out into our community both locally and globally to share the good news we've come to know without a doubt: That Jesus Christ loves you and sacrificed Himself to give you a hope and a future that not even death itself can touch.

To that end, we host several opportunities to meet the practical needs of those around us and support mission organizations all over the world who do the same in their corner of the globe. We believe the purpose of the Church is missons and the purpose of missions is the Church!

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