Our Values


We seek to glorify God, exalt the Lord Jesus, receive and release the Holy Spirit and encourage one another in our worship, prayers and service. At the heart of all we do is Jesus and His presence.

1. WORD – All that is done must be built on a biblical foundation. We believe we must be biblically balanced as a church. Our goal is to communicate the Word of God in a practical way that changes lives.

2. FULLNESS – We want to be a church that displays the fullness of Christ in all that we are and all that we do. We seek to declare the whole counsel of God. We want to walk in all that the Lord has for us as a people and as a church.

3. WORSHIP – We believe God has created us as worshippers. The essence of worship is an intimate relationship with God that gives Him the love, honor, glory and obedience He deserves. We earnestly desire to enter into and dwell in His presence, knowing that our lives will be powerfully changed.

4. RELATIONSHIPS – In essence, Christianity is relationships. We are created for relationship with the Godhead and with one another. We understand the church to be a community of faith. The basis for community is living in loving committed relationships, created and sustained by the Holy Spirit. We are committed to providing such opportunities as cell groups, whereby we may grow as a family.

5. INTEGRITY AND CHARACTER – Personal character and integrity are of high value to us. We believe these flow from the fruit of the Spirit, by the power of the Spirit. They are manifested when our inner thoughts and motivations are aligned with the Word of God by the Spirit’s power. God’s intent is that this fruit be evident in our daily words and actions. Personal holiness should characterize every child of God and is a high priority.

6. SPIRIT-EMPOWERED MINISTRY – We are committed to the “priesthood of all believers” and to the equipping of the saints “for the work of ministry.” We believe that biblical ministry involves both the proclamation and demonstration of the gospel of the Kingdom.

7. GOVERNMENT – We acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord of the church and we seek to embrace His Lordship in all that we say or do as a church. We believe that Christ has established and delegated authority in His church. We believe Ephesians 4:11-12 to be Christ’s model for how His church should operate. We believe the five-fold offices to be operative in the church today. We believe in a plurality of leadership led by the Pastor/Teacher.

8. PRAYER AND INTERCESSION – God’s will is that His house be a house of prayer. Prayer and intercession are the lifeblood of the church and all that she does. Prayer and intercession will be foundational in all that we do at Calvary.

9. EQUIPPING – God’s plan is to equip the saints for ministry through called and gifted leaders. Jesus provides a model for training in His development of His disciples. We seek to release the members of Christ’s body in ministry just as Jesus commissioned His followers to “make disciples.” We are committed to the making of disciples at Calvary.

10. GOING – We value simple obedience to Jesus’ command to “Go.” We believe that all believers are to be witnesses to Him. We are committed to being a harvest church with a harvest focus. We are committed to the gathering of the harvest at home and throughout the world.

11. FAMILY – Marriage and the family are ordained of God. We place high value on the building of Christian marriages and Christian families. We embrace the sanctity of life, the covenant of marriage, the roles of godly parents, the value of children and youth to the kingdom and the worth of all believers, married and single.

Service Times

9:00 am | Worship Service

9:00 am | Sunday School for all ages

10:30 am | Worship Service